I'm trying to draw a circle in QGIS 3 with the shape digitizing toolbar. I've tried several of the "add circle" options and they all look normal while drawing, but once I click to finish the shape it is no longer a circle. Please see the attached photo. Any ideas on how to fix this so I can create circles?

Red Circle is my "drawing"

Resulting shape

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You are drawing a circle in the coordinate system of the layer. Qgis reproject that circle to the coordinate system of the project, and that figure probably no longer looks like a circle.

You need to set the coordinate system of the layer to EPSG:3721 before drawing the circle, if you want to see it like a circle in the project CRS (EPSG:3721).

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I've tried to reproduce your situation. 1. Created shape file in epsg:3721 2. Checked the same epsg for the project 3. Draw a circle at the same place

Here is the result Circle

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  • Yeah that is what its supposed to do and what its always done before.... – Jesse Lawrence Dec 15 '18 at 20:22

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