I am tring to intersect lines with a polygon grid, but i got an error when i run this:

create table "st11_01_vd" as 
    ST_INTERSECTION("grid_1km.geom", "st11_012017_ln.geom") 
  FROM "grid_1km",
  WHERE ST_Intersects("grid_1km.geom", "st11_012017_ln.geom");

Where I am wrong?

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    what is the error? – JGH Dec 17 '18 at 14:03
  • a sintax error on "FROM" – Luigi Falco Dec 17 '18 at 14:04

There is an open parentheses after the select statement that is never closed. It should be removed.

You should also separate table name from the column name. As it is, the column name is everything between the double quotes

create table "st11_01_vd" as 
    ST_INTERSECTION("grid_1km"."geom", "st11_012017_ln"."geom") 
  FROM "grid_1km",
  WHERE ST_Intersects("grid_1km"."geom", "st11_01207_ln"."geom");

Since you are not using any capital letter, do yourself a favor and just drop the doubles quotes..

create table st11_01_vd as
    ST_INTERSECTION(grid_1km.geom, st11_012017_ln.geom) 
  FROM grid_1km,
  WHERE ST_Intersects(grid_1km.geom, st11_01207_ln.geom);

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