I'm beginning to use netCDF4 data and therefore I have downloaded xarray and also cartopy (with pip).

I have downloaded data from the climate data store and want to plot these data.

I have a notebook on which I'm working and have narrowed the problem to this :

If I run

import xarray as xr
ds = xr.open_dataset('my_path_to_cds_data.nc')

Everything's fine. But if I do :

import cartopy.crs as ccrs
import xarray as xr
ds = xr.open_dataset('my_path_to_cds_data.nc')

I get the following error :

OSError: [Errno -101] NetCDF: HDF error: b'my_path_to_cds_data.nc'

It looks kind of weird. One clue might be that I had to add the unstable ppa of ubuntugis as I'm working with rasterio.

If this kind of issue looks familiar I'd be glad to have some help !


I figured it out,

It indeed comes from the unstable version of ubuntugis, the version of cartopy from this repo does not seem to work, I removed the ppa and downgraded the libs and made a fresh install. It works right now but I can't use rasterio, I'll try to find a warkaround

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