I am creating a Dashboard web application for displaying utility projects using the AGOL Web AppBuilder interface. I would like to set up a Group Filter widget to filter based on a common attribute value amongst many layers. Is this possible, and if so, how can I accomplish this?

Background: I have a number of layers in the associated webmap corresponding to their respective feature and utility type.

For example:

  • Sewer Facilities Project (Point),
  • Sewer Main Projects (Line)
  • Water Facilities Project
  • Water Main Projects
  • etc.

All of these layers are joined to the same table in my hosted service .mxd. This table is set with a domain value, so all layers are sharing the same field, and the same values for this field:

  • "Project in design"
  • "Project in Construction"
  • "Project Completed"

I would like to have a filter that displays a dropdown to select and only display projects of the selected phase -- when "Project in Design" is selected, only features with this phase will be displayed.

I currently have a filter with a drop-down selections will all layers added to it. I can select any of the phases, but once any filter is applied, all layers disappear.



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