i have field named (depth) in feature class (point) with this spec :

float - 5 digits >>> 0.7186 or 0.9695

i create new field named (depth_new) with field calculator : round([depth],1) the result will be >>> 0.7186 = 0.7 or 0.9695 = 1

then i want to use (depth_new) field as label in my point feature class using arcpy, here is some of my statement in my code :

      lyr.labelClasses[0].expression = '"{}" & (left([depth_new],1)) & " " & "<SUB>" & (right( [depth_new],1)) & "</SUB>" & "{}"'.format("<FNT size = '17'><CLR blue = '255'>","</CLR></FNT>")

it is works fine, but as you can see on my code, i use "right" and "left" for the digit of the number that i want to show as label,

the problem is lets take a look at record with value = 0.7 it will be come 0.7 , but with value = 1 , the label will be 1.1 (so the number is changed, the correct should be 1.0)

i know i can solve this in field properties and check "pad with zeroes" and use 2 digit in properties, but let say i have 100 layers, so should i really do that for every 100 layers? i use arcpy for labelling to skip repitition and save time,

so any workaround or alternative way for this?


It is a formatting issue. Indeed, you could compute the rounding while formatting the value.

Using this doc, we see that we can specify (or not) a total output length, a padding for the units and a padding for the decimals.

Since you want only to pad 1 decimal with 0, the formatting code would be

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