I'm creating a simple print layout with Python. I've created a legend but I want to remove a few items from it.

Here is my code to create a blank Print Layout called "LayoutWithLegend" and add a legend to it:

from qgis.core import *

projectInstance = QgsProject.instance()     #creates a project instance
manager = projectInstance.layoutManager()

layout = QgsPrintLayout(projectInstance)    #needs a QgsProject instance as an argument

manager.addLayout(layout)                   #add layout to manager. layout is a project instance

itemLegend = QgsLayoutItemLegend.create(layout)

itemLegend.attemptResize(QgsLayoutSize(60, 40, 


When created, my legend looks like this : enter image description here

I want to remove the 'Patient Data' and 'Google Maps' basemap from the legend. I can't figure it out but some of my best efforts to try are:

-Looking through QgsLayoutItemLegend methods but none of those appear to be relevant

-Playing with QgsLayerTreeGroup. This class has a removeLayer() method.

Any help?


I think this function will work (for QGIS version >= 3.0) :

def rmvLyr(lyrname):
    qinst = QgsProject.instance()

Call it by :

for lyr in ['Patient Data', 'Google Maps']:
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  • I think this function will also remove the layer in the project. – natsuapo Jun 10 '19 at 5:56

You can try this:

for lyr in QgsMapLayerRegistry.instance().mapLayers().values():
    if lyr.name() == "Patient Data":
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