What is the ArcGIS SQL expression to select all rows containing the month of May across several years?

Desired records highlighted in Excel:
4 of 10 rows meet criteria

The source table is in a file geodatabase and I'm using ArcGIS Pro v2.2.4.

Attempts so far

I tried using the wildcard characters for strings listed in the Pro SQL reference but they (unsurprisingly) yield "invalid syntax" error:

SAMPLE_DATE = date '%-05-%'
SAMPLE_DATE = date '__-02-__'

KB article How To: Search for specific parts of a date stored in a Date-Time field offers EXTRACT(MONTH ...) = nn but that returns zero records.


SQL valid but zero records

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The KB article is correct, and so is the warning message after a fashion: In the Definition Query box the expression is run against the results of the preceding expression in effect when the tool was opened or last verified.

I had been entering a series of expressions one after the other narrowing in on the right solution. After clearing the expression, closing the dialog and then re-opening Definition Query I get the expected results. (Note: there is a 1 to 3 second pause after closing the dialog to when the table view is updated.)

Fresh def-query session results showing only May across many years

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