1) A few days ago, I run "clip" tool on some shapefile.

enter image description here

Green shapefile was obviously full of the area, but after clip process, some regions are lose their area...

Why does this error occur?

2) I edit shapefile in QGIS, for example... In editing mode, I'm edited some object use by tool like "divide object" & "merge selected object"

Before editing, shapefile show me image like lower jpg.

enter image description here

But after editing... QGIS show me image like below jpg.

enter image description here

Result contain sliver...

I run same process in ArcMap, and ArcMap give me a correct result...

Is it just an error in QGIS?


May be your layers has topological errors. Try to repair your layer before any geoprocessing ( Processing toolbox Ctrl + Alt+ T -> Fix geometries)

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