My code

import arcpy, os, shutil, re
from arcpy import env
arcpy.env.workspace = "R:\GIS_Data\Earthquake_Data\Updates\Eq_updates.mdb"
path = r"R:\GIS_Data\Earthquake_Data\Updates"
In_path = r"R:\GIS_Data\Earthquake_Data\Updates\OGS_Auto_Updates\csv"
Out_path = r"R:\GIS_Data\Earthquake_Data\Updates\OGS_Auto_Updates\dbf_new"
#gdb_name = r"R:\GIS_Data\Earthquake_Data\Updates\Eq_updates.mdb"
connect = "\\"

# convert csv to dbf in a separate folder
# Local variables inputs and outputs: filenames

for filenames in os.listdir(In_path):
    arcpy.TableToTable_conversion(filenames, r"R:\GIS_Data\Earthquake_Data\Updates\Eq_updates.mdb", os.path.splitext(filenames)[0] + ".dbf")
    print("Successfully converted" + os.path.splitext(csv)[0] + ".csv to " + os.path.splitext(csv)[0] + ".dbf")

The error:

File "C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.5\ArcPy\arcpy\conversion.py", line 2249, in TableToTable
raise e ExecuteError: Failed to execute. Parameters are not valid. ERROR 000732: Input Rows: Dataset 2000-2009.csv does not exist or is not supported Failed to execute (TableToTable).

Am I missing a import or other command?

  • Do the rules allowed for file names permit 1) starting with a number and 2 including a -?
    – NSD
    Dec 20, 2018 at 20:04
  • Most of the files do start with a number. I try with a letter in front. thx
    – NSD
    Jun 3, 2020 at 18:16

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There are several issues with the code:

You should add a file extension check after os.listdir to make sure your only looking at .csv files:

for filenames in os.listdir(In_path):
    if filenames.endswith('.csv'):
        # continue on with code

Next, your saving a .dbf to a .mdb file which is not possible. Change the out path to the Out_path variable.

Finally, since the env workspace is pointing to the mdb the in_table parameters needs the full file path, update the table to table statement to this:

# exporting to folder
arcpy.TableToTable_conversion(os.path.join(In_path, filenames), Out_path, os.path.splitext(filenames)[0] + ".dbf")
  • Thanks, I added your suggestions: 1st though I had removed the csv check because that is all that is in there, but safety is always a good thing so I put it back. 2nd the conversion as you have it doesn't tell it to become a dbf. So I tried adding + .dbf before the final ). New Error message: "File "C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.5\ArcPy\arcpy\conversion.py", line 2249, in TableToTable raise e ExecuteError: ERROR 000354: The name contains invalid characters Failed to execute (TableToTable)."
    – NSD
    Dec 20, 2018 at 17:58
  • I updated the code snippet to include the .dbf file extension again. The new error suggest an invalid file character maybe a space or some other character in the .csv filename.
    – artwork21
    Dec 20, 2018 at 18:02

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