I'm using Nasa's Worldwind java API to convert MGRS strings to lat/lon. However, when my latitude is greater than 85 degrees or less than -85 degrees I get an error. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Error during MGRS conversion

Here is my input

MGRSCoord.fromString("ZAD 00000 66856", null);

I'm creating the MGRS from worldwind was well.

Double latitude = 87.0;
Double longitude = 0.0;
Angle latitudeAngle = Angle.fromDegreesLatitude(latitude);
Angle longitudeAngle = Angle.fromDegreesLongitude(longitude);
String coordString = MGRSCoord.fromLatLon(latitudeAngle,longitudeAngle).toString();
MGRSCoord.fromString(coordString, null);

My guest guess is this is frdefault Globe into the conversion by using null, but I tried using actual Globes, but it didn't work, and frankly I didn't really know what to set it to.

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I suspect that conversion actually goes LatLng <==> UTM <==> MGRS

Since UTM is defined as valid for latitudes from 80°S to 84°N, the conversion fails.

  • Looking at the code here the conversion is done in the method convertMGRSToGeodetic where they first convert to UTM. They have a line // TODO: polar conversion. So I guess polar conversion isn't supported. I wish somewhere in their documentation it said that. Thanks
    – nanotek
    Dec 21, 2018 at 15:35

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