I am using the tool Daac2Disk to download NDVI data.

Daac2Disk_ubuntu --shortname MOD13A2 --versionid 006 --browse --begin 2018-11-01 --end 2018-12-31 --bbox -83.713 9.999 -83.248 10.329 --output .

My coordinates in lat - long are:

LL -83.713 9.999
UR -83.248 10.329

Which is a relative small area of Costa Rica. However the tools brings the data from the upper side of Costa Rica to Mexico.

I though to use tiles and convert my coordinates using MODLAND Calculator but I get:

[sn k fwd tp] lat -83.713000  long 9.999000  =>  vert tile 17  horiz tile 18  line 445.06  samp 130.90
[sn k fwd tp] lat -83.248000  long 10.329000  =>  vert tile 17  horiz tile 18  line 389.26  samp 145.23

Which brings the same tiles so I don't know how to use such information in the titles parameter of Daac2Disk.

Are the coordinates of bbox in WGS 84? Or do I need to convert them to other coordinate system?

  • I am not familiar with Daac2Disk. I would expect it downloads the complete h18v17 tile which is approximately a 1200 by 1200 km region, as that is how the data is stored in the DAAC. – Dmitri Chubarov Dec 22 '18 at 17:00

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