I have a shapefile that contains three lines. I want to add a specific numeric id to the field "line_id" and a string id to the field "border_id". Basically, for the first line, I want to add the value '1' to "line_id" and 'North' to field "border_id". For the second line I want to add the value '2' to "line_id" and 'South' to field "border_id".

Here is my code, I think I don't get how the changeAttributeValues command works on pyQGIS.

provider = lyr.dataProvider()

enter image description here


I propose to use the following code in case you have two features in the lyrr.

values = {1: 'North', 2: 'South'}
counter = 0
for feat in lyr.getFeatures():
    counter += 1
    feat.setAttribute('line_id', counter)
    feat.setAttribute('border_id', values[counter])

It will work for python 3.6 and qgis 3.2

  • You are welcome – Vadym Dec 22 '18 at 23:45

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