I am currently editing the Configurable Map Viewer so that it can display my map service from local ArcGIS Server.

I can't find which HTML element is the container for the map service. I can not find "DIV id = map".

Does a map to be displayed always contained in DIV, or there is another method to display the map on the page?

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In Configurable Map Viewer you add map services to the map by editing the viewer.js config file in \viewer\js\config\viewer.js

Look for the operationalLayers section.

        operationalLayers: [{
        type: 'feature',
        url: 'http://localhost:6080/arcgis/rest/services/CW_Facilities/FeatureServer/0',
        title: i18n.viewer.operationalLayers.restaurants,
        options: {
            id: 'Facility Assets',
            opacity: 1.0,
            visible: true,
            outFields: ['*'],
            featureReduction: {
                type: 'cluster',
                clusterRadius: 60
            mode: 1
        editorLayerInfos: {
            disableGeometryUpdate: false
        legendLayerInfos: {
            exclude: false,
            layerInfo: {
                title: i18n.viewer.operationalLayers.restaurants

Thanks @Dowlers.

I am actually editing an app (based on CMV 1.3.4) that's already heavily edited. So i find that viewer.js is renamed into ALL.JS. The question is : which function is calling this viewer.js (or in my case i have to find the caller to ALL.JS) ?

Thanks for your help

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