I am successfully running deegree 3.4.3 in Apache Tomcat/9.0.14 on windows 10.

However, the imports are not working. It is unclear what I should be doing to setup the proxy info. I run a localhost proxy which sets up all the information for the corporate host. Applications that look for http_proxy environment variable can use: http://localhost:3128 (There is a local service at port 3128 that adds all the credentials and forwards http/s requests to the company proxy).

Here is what the default is, but using that will allow me to connect to repo.deegree.org

<ProxyHost>http://proxy.deegree.org</ProxyHost> <ProxyPort>8000</ProxyPort> <ProxyUser>deegree</ProxyUser> <ProxyPassword>pwd</ProxyPassword> <NonProxyHosts>|localhost</NonProxyHosts>

I have tried techniques that usually work for other programs here:

<ProxyHost>http://localhost</ProxyHost> <ProxyPort>3128</ProxyPort> <ProxyUser></ProxyUser> <ProxyPassword></ProxyPassword> <NonProxyHosts>|localhost</NonProxyHosts>


Please try the same configuration with deegree release version 3.4.7 or newer. Download from https://www.deegree.org/download/ This release includes the following fix "Fix incomplete implementation of proxy authentication" - https://github.com/deegree/deegree3/pull/987

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