How to extract streetnames with osmosis (Java)? I have tried to process all Nodes. I put them in a Map<String, List> meaning Map<CityName, ListOfStreetnamesOfThatCity>:

public void process(EntityContainer entityContainer) {
    if (entityContainer instanceof NodeContainer) {
        final NodeContainer entityContainer1 = (NodeContainer) entityContainer;
        if(containsTagWithKeys(entityContainer1.getEntity().getTags(), "addr:city", "addr:street")) {
            final Map<String, String> tags = entityContainer1.getEntity().getTags()
                                                  .collect(Collectors.toMap(Tag::getKey, Tag::getValue));
            if( cityStreetnames.get(tags.get("addr:city")) == null) {
                    cityStreetnames.put(tags.get("addr:city"), new ArrayList<>());
            String streetname = tags.get("addr:street");


This gives me a subset of all streets per city only. (Not sufficient)

I tried to process all Way nodes

if (entityContainer instanceof WayContainer) {
    Way myWay = ((WayContainer) entityContainer).getEntity();

    final Map<String, String> tags = myWay.getTags()
                                             .collect(Collectors.toMap(Tag::getKey, Tag::getValue));
    if(containsTagWithKeys(myWay.getTags(), "name", "highway") && tags.get("name").length() > 2) {

This gives me a lot of streets but I don't know in which city these ways are located.

I'm really new to OSM data. Is there a way to map a way node to a city? Is there a better way to get all streetnames of a city?

I have used .osm.pbf for Germany from geofabrik.de.

  • Maybe you can get some hints via help.openstreetmap.org by doing a search there for "street list" ?
    – stephan75
    Commented Dec 30, 2018 at 19:33
  • I want to extract the data in java with osmosis. Most solutions require to execute command line. Some suggest to import into postgresql. Not really what I want to do.
    – No3x
    Commented Dec 30, 2018 at 21:55

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Address tags are not only present at nodes, they do exist on ways and relations, too. So you need to process all elements in order to get all addr:street and addr:city combinations.

In the end this is really a task for a gecoder such as Nominatim. Your approach will work for many situations but not for all of them. For example some elements will only contain an addr:street tag but no addr:city tag. A geocoder will be able to resolve the missing city by looking at administrative boundary relations, your approach won't.

  • Thank you. I already found stackoverflow.com/a/24444767/772883 very useful. I'm still looking for a geocoder that works offline.
    – No3x
    Commented Jan 2, 2019 at 17:02
  • Nominatim works offline if you install your own local instance. It requires a postgresql database though.
    – scai
    Commented Jan 3, 2019 at 7:44

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