I am attempting to import a multi-polygon shapefile (the shapefile was generated from a postgis table, I did not generate this file) into a file geodatabase manually (right click, select import, run the tool, etc).

When the import completes, the newly generated Feature Class within my gdb seems to have been altered significantly. Many of the polygons seem to have lost parts of them or are displaying with random lines protruding from them. When I run Repair Geometry the output report file refers to multiple geometries intersecting themselves. The attribute table for the FC remains intact and correct.

When the same set of steps was implemented utilizing a duplicate shapefile with geoms that were just Polygons (not Multi-Polygons) the FeatureClass imports correctly with no issues.

Has anyone encountered this behavior with Multi-polys before? Is this a result of the shapefile being exported from PostGIS? Are multi-polygons even supported in shapefiles? Is there a workaround to preserve the use of multi-polygons, if not?

  • Is there a .prj for this shapefile? If not, the default coordinate system would lop off 4-5 decimal places. – Vince Dec 28 '18 at 1:15

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