My python code :

import arcpy

arcpy.FeatureToLine_management("Closestroute", "Featureline", "0.0001 Meters", "ATTRIBUTES")

#Generate points along lines for every 1 km

arcpy.GeneratePointsAlongLines_management("Featureline", "splitPoints", "DISTANCE", "1000 Meters", "", "NO_END_POINTS")

#Split line at point for every 1 km roads,search radius = 20 meters

arcpy.SplitLineAtPoint_management("Featureline", "splitPoints", "split1kpoints", "20 Meters")

#I added SS field into splitPoints, then I assigned name for each rows.(s1, s2, s3, ...) 


i = 0

for row in cursor:

row[0] = 's' + str(i)

i += 1


del row

del cursor

My problem is:

I am trying to assign one name for each points. However, when one route are used by more than one start points like blue arrow in the picture below, I obtained more than one segments name for this route. I am trying to get just one segments name for each points for this route. (showed with blue arrow) for both start points.

How I can deal with this problem ?

enter image description here

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    Please format your code legibly by using the original code and the {} format button. – Vince Dec 28 '18 at 18:09
  • With the DA cursor, can you check if the Name is blank, then populate? – klewis Dec 28 '18 at 18:29

It looks like points are stacking up due to duplicate line features or line feature segments. I'd perform a delete identical on your output point feature class, either before or after your cursor.

shpFld = arcpy.Describe ("splitPoints").shapeFieldName
arcpy.DeleteIdentical_management ("splitPoints", shpFld)
  • Thank you so much ! This helps a lot !! Since I am assigning name in order, although one segment is used by two shortest paths, in attribute table, shows for just one start-end point shortest path. I have posted my guestion. If you can take a look, I will be appreciated for that. @Emil Brundage – Aera Dec 28 '18 at 21:00

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