I want to make an image as a background map to my application. I am using ArcGIS API with JavaScript and all I could do is to add an Image Layer to this map

map = new Map("map");

    // create and add the layer  
    mil = new MapImageLayer({ "id": "usgs_screen_overlay" });  

    // create and add the image  
    var extent = new Extent({ 'xmin': 0, 'ymin': 0, 'xmax': -8762763, 'ymax': 3976997, 'spatialReference': { 'wkid': 1 }});
    var mi = new MapImage({  
        "extent": extent,
        "href": "a.jpg"  

I am looking for a better way to do that.

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    Can you please explain a bit more about what you mean by "image as a background map to my application"? Do you mean you want to set an image as your basemap, or you want to use a map as the background of your website? Or something else? Thanks! – GavinR Jan 2 at 2:05

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