The below lines of code shows the export of the image to the cloud. I am unable to convert my file to JPEG/PNG. I want my image to be saved in PNG/JPEG in the cloud.

    image:  rgb.select(0,1,2),
    description: 'cog',
    bucket: 'sample_bucket',
    scale: 30,
    fileFormat: 'png',
    formatOptions: {
    cloudOptimized: true

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    Does that code work but not do what you want? Does the documentation tell you you can do what you want to do? – Spacedman Dec 29 '18 at 16:47

Your question isn't clear because you haven't specified what's not working, but you can't specify a scale + region and dimensions. Those options are mutually exclusive.

  • I can't export the image in png /jpeg format . I wanted to know if Earth engine has provided any such faclity to export the image in cloud in jpeg or png format – Sohini Goswami Jan 2 at 7:25

JPG or PNG are not supported for image export.

You can export images from Earth Engine in GeoTIFF or TFRecord format.

As per the GEE Exporting Data documentation.

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