I would like to know are there any (relatively) easy options to adjust color transparency (alpha value) in ArcMap (any version, any license)?

I think that's easy to do in ArcGIS Pro because, as you set a color (anywhere), you can adjust Alpha value.

The only option in ArcMap is layer transparency. That's not enough.

In example. I need plenty (say 10 of them) of road transparency options according to road category. I don't like to make loads of queried separate layers for all road categories as sometimes it get's too many values.

Same is needed with label transparency. I think it's impossible to set label transparency in ArcMap. Unless converting labels to annotation which is an uneasy & ugly idea.

I am not into programming and developing software.

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    You're right, there's no way to set label transparency in ArcMap (desktop), the colour picker is RGB/HSV/CMYK - no alpha. Consider using the Maplex extension to get the labels to avoid other labels and features, using the label weighting to identify the importance of layers. You might be able to do this in ArcObjects as ITextSymbol.Color supports transparency as a property resources.arcgis.com/en/help/arcobjects-net/componenthelp/… but it's not exposed on the GUI. – Michael Stimson Dec 31 '18 at 6:44

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