I use Leflet maps and I want to import data from layer to layer If the first layer is points and the other polygons I want to get the data from the polygon layer to the points if the layer of dots is inside the polygon layer Is there any help in that?

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Here's an option, I have several layers in my map, when I click on the map, it reads an attribute from each of the layers and posts it back to a bootstrap modal popup or an HTML table in a sidebar.

In this example, I set a global var for a,b,c to post back the attribute I want. I set these to "No Data" by default. In my data I have city, county, state layers that I'm just grabbing names, I could create an array and push more attribute but that wasn't my task. I also created a marker to show where I clicked. I used turf to see if I was inside the layer and if so grab the attribute. If it wasn't inside the variable had "No Data" as a value.

var c = "No Data";  

        lat = e.latlng.lat;
        lon = e.latlng.lng;

  var theMarker;
  var selPoly = [];

function ProcessClick(lat,lon){

    if (theMarker != undefined) {

    theMarker = L.marker([lat,lon]).addTo(map);

    stateLayer.eachLayer(function (layer) {

        isInside =turf.inside(theMarker.toGeoJSON(), layer.toGeoJSON());

        if (isInside){
            console.log("State: " + layer.feature.properties.STATE_NAME);
            c = "State: " + layer.feature.properties.STATE_NAME;


This example only shows one layer, the other two are similar. I then sent the var's a,b,c to the modal popup at the end of this function.

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