I am attempting to create a QgsVectorLayer with the same code as I am using for a PostgreSQL table, which works correctly and the isValid() method on the layer returns true.

print('sv_demog layer is valid: %s' % (vlayer.isValid()))

The view selects from table where id is the primary key, and has a geometry column.

How do I make this work for a view?

I am using a PostgreSQL 10 database, and QGIS 3 (Update: Same behavior in 2.18).

Ref: Loading Layers

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Jay, I had the same problem. You have to specify the view's primary key. For example, uri.setDataSource('my schema', 'my_view', 'geom', '', 'id')

Check out this thread postGIS views, qGIS, qGIS python console

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