When I am converting my geopackage file in shapefile, the unique ID field is not exported. I could duplicate it before exportation, but I wanted to know if it could be done in one step, in order not to modify my geopackage. I am using ogr2ogr to make the conversion.

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    If you run ogrinfo your_geopackage.gpkg -al -so, what is the name of the FID column, and is that the unique ID field that you want to save into shapefile? – user30184 Jan 3 at 12:55
  • Indeed, the FID column is the attribute field NewID (FID Column = NewID) that I would like to save in the shapefile, in addition to the other attribute fields. – Philippe Malcorps Jan 3 at 13:01

This should work

ogr2ogr -f "ESRI Shapefile" -dialect SQLite -sql "select NewID as source_id,* from your_layer" exported_layer.shp your_geopackage.gpkg

It may not be necessary to rename NewID, or it may work if you rename it with an original name select NewID as NewID.... I had a test with GeoPackage using field "fid" as FID and then I had to rename it.

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