My pretty large dataset consists of AIS transmitted messages. I load the dataset to a table in my db. Among other columns in this table, there are a longitude and a latitude column. I already transformed them into a geometry column on a new table. New table consists of id, geometry(point), timestamp. I need to find a way to create trajectories for each id. Although, if I just st_makeline(points) ordered by timestamp and grouped by id, all I get is a linestring per id. What needs to be done is that each id must have several trajectories/linestrings corresponding to it. So there must be a way to detect stops of each id during the period of dataset-timestamping, store them in a way that helps you define in which point(s) to "cut" each linestring and in how many pieces.

  • I worked on AIS years ago, so forget the actual details. But, I recall, apart from position, the AIS signal also contains information on destination. So, it ought to be relatively straightforward to mark a voyage as completed, once that point is reached. Failing that you could use some heuristic for number of lat/longs transmitted over a period of time that are in essentially the same place. – John Powell Jan 4 at 8:42

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