i'm a new "GIS 's needer" and i have just Pleasantly surprised to find your community ( thanks google!!!! ) I need for my office's project a appication who permit web sharing(only reading)some gps point on the satellite's map of my country(like google maps) but also this solution will permit to manage users ...i want just say that there 'll be differents users to read gps map and i want lanage the level of authorization to see information of each point e.g :when administrator"i" update the map with GPS coordonate of "A" point with some information to represent a location where somebody do a business trip I would have wanted that my boss have permission to see all information of the business trip ,but that my office colleague hav just authorization to see the name of man who do business trip... please sorry for my english i live in french's country and i hope your advice to do my best for this project thank you !!!!

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