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I opened up a shapefile ZIP in QGIS. Now, I cannot "toggle editing mode" to on, nor access any of the editing features, anymore! What could I be doing wrong?

See below.

Please, and also the one, here-for, this:


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  • Please try with QGIS 2.18. I've also had some trouble with editing vectors in the latest versions. – Stefan Jan 5 at 0:42
  • Try to extract or unzip the folder before adding it. If you are using Windows computer, right click on the zipped file and extract it to a location of your choice. Then go to QGIS and load the shapefile. – mapperx Jan 5 at 5:49

Extract it from the zip - zipped shapefiles are read only in QGIS


Difficult to say, but the file might be read-only.

In any case, you can try exporting the layer as a new file - possibly of a different type (like GeoJSON) - and see if you can edit that.

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