I have created a map in QGIS with 4 vector layers with the CRS of (EPSG:28356, GDA94 / MGA zone 56)

The map is of the Robina area on the gold coast Australia.

I have added map coordinates and the following occurs where by negative values show up.

I am using map units, which is UTM (I believe)

enter image description here

  • That's odd! Could you open a bug report at issues.qgis.org and attach your project file? – ndawson Jan 6 at 10:06
  • i tried to, but the registration process to sign up has failed to send an activation email. Seems the form to submit a bug, has a bug, so i have given up. thanks – Ab Bennett Jan 12 at 4:03
  • I started a bug report, but I can't submit it without the version number. What version of QGIS are you using? Please provide full version number, eg version 3.4.3 rather than 3.4. – csk Jan 15 at 22:09

Make sure the CRS for the grids matches with the CRS in QGIS window. That solved this issue for me.

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