I would like to add a WMTS tile endpoint to Mapbox-GL-JS, which only supports "XYZ" or TMS tiling schemes. According to what I understand of the WMTS specification the two seem to have the same zoom scheme, so perhaps it's possible to apply some kind of maths to the X and Y-coordinates to get the right WMTS coordinates.

But I can't figure out what that formula would be - I can't seem to find the right definition.

What is the formular to convert an XYZ tile specifier to WMTS?

  • The only difference between the two is a flipped Y-coordinate, i.e. for XYZ: the first tile (0,0) is on the bottom left / for WMTS: the first tile (0,0) is on the top left. You may be interested in this pyGeoTile. – Taras Jul 1 at 11:24

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