I am new to PostGIS. I'm on a Mac running Mojave. I installed postGIS today using the EnterpriseDb bundle linked from https://postgis.net/install/

All works fine, apart from pgRouting.

CREATE EXTENSION pgrouting; results in ERROR: could not open extension control file "/Library/PostgreSQL/11/share/postgresql/extension/pgrouting.control": No such file or directory SQL state: 58P01

I've looked at similar questions here and they all seem to use homebrew on Mac, which I have not installed (yet).

That file it's complaining about is of course not in the extension directory.

Should it be and, if yes, where do I get it from?

I assume just manually copying it there won't do the trick.

Doing select name, default_version, installed_version from pg_available_extensions where name like 'postgis%'; shows me version 2.5.0 on all extensions. postgreSQL 11 installed.

Does pgrouting not come with EnterpriseDb?

Is homebrew always the preferred installation?

pgRouting is a must for me.

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