Someone has setup (perhaps quite poorly) a ESRI GIS Server at our company, that has lots of image data, and exposed the data via a Rest Map Service.

I am looking for (even a manual) way of downloading the images in GeoTiff or JPG2000 format (Or at worst, Tiff, and then a sepeare world file for the coordinates). Anything so that I don't have to manually geo-rectify the data again.

However, as shown from the screen shots below, I am only being given options to download in PNG, TIFF (not with geo-coordinates, and other non-georectified formats).

The documentation at the esri site is not being very helpful:


Currently I have only a web interface, but probably could borrow someones desktop Esri client if that is the quickest way.

enter image description here] Top of first screen

enter image description here

Bottom of first screen

Export Screen enter image description here

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