I have a problem in configuring basemap in viewer.js. I want to use a completely offline basemap for my app. I have read the instruction here but can't make it work.

Here is what i have tried :

  1. Modifying the viewer.js in the define section
        ], function (Basemap, BasemapLayer, Point, units, Extent, 
         esriConfig, GeometryService, ImageParameters)
  1. Adding the custom basemap in viewer.js
mapOptions: {
       basemap: new Basemap({
            id: 'mymap',
            layers: [new BasemapLayer({
            url: ''
        center: new Point({  
            x: 90.0148634,
            y: -9.5489264,
            spatialReference: {
                wkid: 32750
        zoom: 5,
        sliderStyle: 'small',
        showAttribution: true

Nothing is displayed. How can I correct this ? Am i missing something ?

Note : i am using CMV ver 1.3.4, Chrome.

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The X and Y coordinates of your center point look odd for the wkid 32750 that you used. Perhaps you used LAT/LNG instead of X/Y coordinates.

You can use the Esri Sample code here to test your mapOptions.

  • I fix the xy to the correct one. Still it gives me error. The error occurs in Controller.JS (line 207) : "if (this.config.mapOptions.basemap)". It says : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'basemap' of undefined. The js script api is hosted online.
    – padjee
    Jan 11, 2019 at 4:05

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