I am trying to read a NetCDF file with 4 parameters (Time, Depth, Latitude, Longitude), I want to read the file at a constant Time and depth.

Right now I am reading the whole file and then getting the values in a 4D grid and then parsing the grid to get the values at constant depth and time into a 2D array

//I have read the values of time and depth in TimeArr and depthArr respectively

int depthIndex = binarySearchInArray(depthArr, d);
int timeIndex = binarySearchInArray(timeArr, d);

ArrayFloat.D4 tempArr = (ArrayFloat.D4) v.read();
float[][] grid = new float[(int) latArr.getSize()][(int) lonArr.getSize()];
for (int i = 0; i < latArr.getSize(); i++) {
    for (int j = 0; j < lonArr.getSize(); j++) {
        grid[i][j] = tempArr.get(timeIndex, depthIndex, i, j);
return grid;

The line "ArrayFloat.D4 tempArr = (ArrayFloat.D4) v.read();" takes a lot of time to read the file if it's too large. Also, it is pointless to read all the dimensions when I need it for only one.

Is there a way to directly read a file along 2 dimensions only (with 2 dimensions, Time and Depth, kept constant)?

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