I have gdal2 (v2.4) installed on my mac using homebrew. When I try to run either gdal_calc.py or gdal_merge from the command line I get the error

-bash: gdal_merge: command not found

or -bash: gdal_calc.py: command not found

Going to my the bin where homebrew installed gdal2 I can see that indeed neither gdal_calc.py nor gdal_merge is there. These seem to be fairly fundamental commands, however, and other common commands such as gdal_translate are present.

Commands present in my GDAL2 bin

Should gdal_merge and gdal_calc.py have been present in that folder? If not, where should they be or how do I install them?


Those are python scripts that add to GDAL, so you will need to install one of python-gdal or python3-gdal (at least that is the names on Ubuntu).

On a Mac - brew install gdal2-python You may also have to add the folder to your path using echo 'export PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/opt/gdal2-python/bin"' >> ~/.bash_profile

  • This worked with brew install gdal2-python on the mac. I also had to add the folder to my path using echo 'export PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/opt/gdal2-python/bin"' >> ~/.bash_profile – Rachel W Jan 8 at 17:36

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