I am new to snap. I have downloaded sentinel 1 image from ESA. I have performed radiometric cal-liberation as well as speckle filtering. After that, when I tried to perform terrain correction, the processing was completed within few seconds and the output obtained is a blank image as shown below.

enter image description here

Can anyone please help me out in this matter?

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    If no elevation information is available, Terrain Correction might produce an empty output. There can be several reasons for that: 1) Your data is located outside 60°N or south. SRTM data only covers latitudes within: radiomobile.pe1mew.nl/images/srtm_covmap_hi.jpg 2) Your SNAP version is outdated and uses a wrong link to search for DEM data. 3) Your Firewall prevents SNAP from downloading the elevation data. – AndyB Jan 8 at 18:27

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