Is there anyway to find all shortest paths between 262 points in ArcMap ? I have tried to use new route analysis in ArcMap, but it did not work. I could not understand what is the problem. I am getting unlocated error for some CSD coordinates. enter image description here

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    Have a read of the help file, page "Types of network analysis layers". Sounds like OD matrix is what you are after? – Hornbydd Jan 8 at 22:28
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    Your screenshot makes it appear your data is not in a projected coordinate system. You might want to project it before you do any type of distance analysis. – Mattropolis Jan 8 at 22:35
  • Yes, I read. OD matrıx is giving straight line between points. This is not what I am looking for. By using road network file, I am trying to find all shorthest paths. @Hornbydd – Ribella Jan 8 at 22:42
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    But if actually read the help file you will see it says "...Even though the lines are straight for performance reasons, they always store the network cost, not straight-line distance" – Hornbydd Jan 8 at 23:07
  • In the map I am seeing straight line, how I can reach shorthest road networks ? @Hornbydd – Ribella Jan 9 at 1:31

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