I am trying to set up a PostgreSQL server to integrate our active directory credentials. I can edit the pg_hba.conf file to allow users with an internal IP to connect with OS authentication.

host all all sspi

With this users with domain credentials can connect to a geodatabase via ArcMap. The domain has user names with the format firstname.lastname. The problem seems to arise when users must make use of log file tables (i.e. make a selection of 100+ features, reconcile and post edits, or attempt to check out data for disconnected editing). Esri documentation concerning this here. Communication between ArcMap and PostgreSQL interprets the period as a delimiter, from what I can estimate from log files.

Short of changing all 50+ domain user names to exclude illegal characters, such as the period, is there any workaround for allowing my domain users to edit in SDE using active directory credentials?

I've looked at mapping user names to non illegal formats, but I haven't found a technique that works. For instance: first.last connects as first_last

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