I have a set of 35 lines that I need to collect the exact coordinate string for in the format txt. I would like to export the coordinate from every vertex the lines are built up by, and I would like each coordinate pair to be within box bracket and then separated by a comma.

This is an example I got of how I need it to look: [[[-11666943.70420446,4926332.639049685],[11655943.538234875,4926837.254608538],[-11655893.376447814,4926833.643188873]]]

However, the format are not my main concern, most important is wheather it is possible to export the coordinate pair for each vertexes a line consits of.

I'm using ArcMap Desktop Basic 10.3, is this possible to do?

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    Not only is it possible, there are actually many ways to accomplish this. The easiest all involve Python, with a arcpy.da.SearchCursor. There are an infinite number of text file formats, and GIS SE policy requires an effort be made to solve the problem, so you'll need to Edit this question with more details on the exact format required, your coding attempt, and what output or error is being generated – Vince Jan 9 at 9:41

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