I am coming from ArcMap. Working in the layout view, I had buttons to zoom/pan data and other buttons to zoom/pan the view itself. In QGIS, I can't seem to be able to achieve this. The only buttons I have are for zooming/panning the view not the data(the same happens when I use the mouse scroll wheel).

Any way to achieve this?


You can pan the map by first selecting it. Then using the "Move item content" tool:

enter image description here

While this tool is active as well you can also use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out on the map.

  • No, this tool moves the whole map. I want to pan/zoom only the data. – Faustin Gashakamba Jan 10 at 11:19
  • That tool DOES pan and zoom the data. You are probably using the tool one to the left. – HeikkiVesanto Jan 11 at 14:03

You just have to use the "Move item content" tool

enter image description here

  • This tool works, but if you have a rectangle surrounding the map, it does nothing. It seems to pick the rectangle and I could not get it to pick the map. After I unchecked the rectangle in the layout, turning it off, it worked as expected. – malcolm Apr 24 at 13:54

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