I have done it many times (clipping a raster with a polygon layer or by extension) but today I got an error for the first time and I don't know how to solve it. I am always using the same type of raster layers. When running the clipping tool I got the following message:

Algorithm Clip raster by extent starting... GDAL command: gdal_translate -of GTiff -ot Byte -projwin 410282.185971 4694950.41162 410783.882475 4694524.96815 -co COMPRESS=DEFLATE -co PREDICTOR=1 -co ZLEVEL=6 -co TFW=YES "C:/Users/FERRAN ALA/Desktop/Justificació Fontanals/QGIS/Topo 1_5000/bt5mv20sd0f283077st1r031.sid" "C:/Users/FERRAN ALA/Desktop/Justificació Fontanals/QGIS/background/image.tif" GDAL command output:

'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xf3' in position 201: ordinal not in range(128) See log for more details

Does anybody know what that is?

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    You should not use characters with accent mark (typical of catalan) and spaces in your paths. Probably, it is the source of your issues. – xunilk Jan 9 at 19:00
  • Please, see this link referred to unicode xf3 character: codetable.net/hex/f3 – xunilk Jan 9 at 19:04
  • Hello, thank you for that information. I removed all accents and it worked perfectly. Thanks! – Ferran Jan 10 at 8:49

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