Want to change higher spatial resolution UAV dataset stacked in R. Used raster package to stack the individual band. Want to change the spatial resolution to 1 m.

stacked_UAV  <- stack(stack_list)
### Check the original resolution 
0.0289 0.0289
## Number of rows original stacked image 
ncol(rast) <- stacked_UAV@ncols 
## Number of rows original stacked image 
nrow(rast) <- stacked_UAV@nrows

Tried following options using "raster package' but failed to get the target 1 m spatial resolution.

test_with_aggregate <- aggregate(stacked_UAV, fact=4)
0.1156 0.1156

Then tried to use the 'resample' function in the raster package but could not get the target spatial resolution due an error in setting spatial resolution to 1 m, this option is also not working.

### Empty stack
rast <- stack()
### Same spatial extend as the original stack 
extent(rast) <- stack(stacked_UAV) 
## Set resolution 
res(rast) <- 1
Error in x@layers[[i]] : subscript out of bounds
stacked_UAV_1 <- raster::resample(stacked_UAV, rast, method='bilinear')
  • aggregate with fact=4 on a raster with resolution 0.0289 will produce a raster of resolution 0.0289 *4 = 0.1156. If you use fact=35 you should get a raster with resolution 0.0289*35 = 1.0115. Is that close enough to a metre for your purposes? – Spacedman Jan 9 '19 at 23:53
  • Issue with I have time series of UAV data-sets. I want to have a consistent spatial resolution of 1 m across all the images. – SBK_DA Jan 9 '19 at 23:55

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