I recently completed a GIS certificate from UC Davis and am now doing some freelance work for a friend. He is looking to purchase land (anywhere) to plant trees on (reforestation). Ideally we would like farm land, deforested land or ranch land. Here are some of the parameters...

  1. Max price per acre = $4k and minimum acreage is ten acres
  2. Water availability
  3. Proximity to major city
  4. Plantability
  5. Sea level rise vulnerability

Can you provide any leads into where I can download data for this and tools for finding suitable land for this project?

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    What country? Carbon credit legislation is hardly the same worldwide; it wouldn't help getting New Zealand data if you're looking in continental U.S. Perhaps you could ask at open data opendata.stackexchange.com but narrow down your search to a state at the very least. – Michael Stimson Jan 10 at 5:42