I have the following PyQGIS script with QGIS 3 that tries to ask for a layer, add a new field in that layer and modify the value of this field. But the code doesn't work. I get either Seems there is no valid script in the file when I use layer = QgsVectorLayer(Layer) or AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'isValid' when I use QgsProcessingUtils.mapLayerFromString :

context = QgsProcessingContext()
layer= QgsProcessingUtils.mapLayerFromString(Layer, context)


if layer.dataProvider().fieldNameIndex("new_col_name") == -1:
    layer.dataProvider().addAttributes([QgsField("new_col_name", QVariant.String)])

id_new_col= feuilles.dataProvider().fieldNameIndex("new_col_name")

for feature in layer.getFeatures():
  column_value= feature["column"]
  ... some operations ...
  layer.changeAttributeValue(feature.id(), id_new_col, new_column_value)


Not sure how to prompt for a layer, but working code below (with a shapefile) uses the currently selected layer. Note that the new field name was shortened due to name length constraints on shapefiles.

layer = iface.mapCanvas().currentLayer()

if layer.dataProvider().fieldNameIndex("new_col_na") == -1:
    layer.dataProvider().addAttributes([QgsField("new_col_na", QVariant.String)])

id_new_col= layer.dataProvider().fieldNameIndex("new_col_na")

for feature in layer.getFeatures():
    layer.changeAttributeValue(feature.id(), id_new_col, "val")


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