I have a shapefile containing population data for Baltic countries. Using the SQL formula: $rownum in the field calculator, I was able to create an automatic numbering of rows (far right on the picture below), from 1 to the end of my table. However, for no apparent reason, the numbering is broken at row 129 and switches to 766. It changed at the exact place where I have a new country, so maybe it is linked.

Any reason why this happens?

enter image description here

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    Please Edit the question to specify the source format of the data table. If it is a database, please specify which one (name and version). – Vince Jan 10 at 14:49
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    As far as I can see your table is sorted by country, but the ids re generated in the order of storing. Try to sort table by the unique id, I suppose there will be no break. The code page of the table is not correct, you can change it in the properties of the layer, on the source tab. – Zoltan Jan 10 at 15:58
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    If @Zoltan suggestion does not solve it, you can take a look into the .dbf file with e.g. libre office calc and check whether there is something wrong or missing. – MrXsquared Jan 10 at 17:37
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    since you are working with a sorted table, try this: gis.stackexchange.com/questions/192048/… – Vale Jan 11 at 9:18

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