So I'm trying to implement a routing algorithm in my QGIS 3 plugin that I'm writing using Python.

I think I could resolve all the problems concerning the break between QGIS 2 and 3, but my resulting tree gives me for all nodes in it just a -1 value which is for not connected nodes.

If I have for example a project that looks like this:

enter image description here

Where the red Square is my start point and the yellow circle my end point I get back a tree that looks like this [-1,-1,-1]

the code I use is the following:

First I select the Line layer and the startPt and endPt

director = QgsVectorLayerDirector(layer, -1, '', '', '', 3) 

strategy = QgsNetworkDistanceStrategy()


builder = QgsGraphBuilder(crs) #crs = project.crs() which is in this case WGS84

tiedPoints = director.makeGraph(builder, [startPt, endPt])
graph = builder.graph()   

startVertex = graph.findVertex(startPt)

(tree, cost) = QgsGraphAnalyzer.dijkstra(graph, startVertex,0)

I just don't know where it goes wrong.

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