Is it possible to prevent certain results based on "class" and/or "types"? For example, I do not want any results that have the following class or types:

class: natural, highway type: peak, footway, tertiary

Currently the results for this query includes MANY "motorways". I only want places (houses, cities) to be returned:


My other options include: 1)removing the data from the Nominatim database. 2) removing results from the resultset after the query has executed. I don't love either of these other options - but willing to experiment!

  • I've filtered by city, state, country and homestead using the "featuretype" parameter. But these don't provide the filtering I need. Just trying to only get back certain "types" and/or "classes" that I specify. I also found references to adding bracketed values in the q= query string, but again - this just seems to select certain items (ie: [hospital] ) and doesn't exclude items. I'm willing to adjust the nominatim engine search.php file - it doesn't only have to be at the query level. Any ideas would be helpful. – justonetaste2003 Jan 11 at 3:35
  • Will you please add your clarifications to your question? There is an edit button at the bottom of your question. I also suggest adding the query that you are using, or at least a sample. It makes it much easier for people to give you an answer. – jbalk Jan 11 at 15:55
  • I updated for you (and others). Hopefully someone out there is experienced enough to solve. – justonetaste2003 Jan 11 at 17:50
  • here is the API reference for Nominatim nominatim.org/release-docs/latest/api/Search You may be able to filter by class – jbalk Jan 14 at 19:01
  • jbalk...are you just answering to answer? if you aren't technical...and you don't have useful "stack exchange" quality answers - you're simply wasting everyone's time. "What have you tried...?" and "Here's the documentation" - are strong indicators that you don't have the chops to be here as a resource. – justonetaste2003 Jan 16 at 3:57

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