If it is helpful, I am using QGIS 3.4.3 (Madeira) and MacOS High Sierra v10.13.6

I am trying to install a QGIS plugin manually, I've been using the instructions from the PyQGIS Programmer's Guide by Gary Sherman. I've also found several helpful threads on stackoverflow such as:

How to install a QGIS plugin when offline?

installing plugins manually

How to Install QGIS 2.6 plugins offline (Though I am using version 3.4)

I've created a plugin on a local drive using the Plugin Builder.

I have compiled the resources file using the following (in the terminal) which is straight from the QGIS documentation

pyrcc5 -o resources.py resources.qrc

and I copied my plugin directory to my QGIS plugins directory. Here is a screenshot of my directory, with some other plugins I've installed using the Plugin Manager. My test plugin is called "whereisthis": enter image description here

When I open the Plugin Manager in QGIS, the other plugins in the same folder are visible under installed (such as NNJoin, mmqgis, EcoValuator) but 'whereisthis' is not on the list: enter image description here

The book states: "You should now see your plugin in the list of installed plugins". But it is not there.

According to the other stackoverflow threads which I referenced earlier, I have reloaded my repository, I have enabled experimental plugins, I have rebooted QGIS and my machine (several times).

I also edited my metadata.txt file to make sure the correct minimum and maximum versions are available: enter image description here

The plugin is also not in the "Invalid" tab of the Plugin Manager:

enter image description here

Is there something else I am overlooking?

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    Can you check the "Invalid" page, 4th from the top on the left of your Plugin Manager screenshot and change your file-system screenshot to expand the 'whereareyou' folder.
    – user2856
    Jan 10, 2019 at 21:48

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Probably, your problem is in this command:

pyrcc5 -o resources_rc.py resources.qrc

QGIS documentation has some issues due lack of adequate actualization. I did same plugin and right command is:

pyrcc5 -o resources.py resources.qrc

Additional details can be observed here:

Compiling resources in QGIS 2.99 (Windows) for creating plugin?

where same plugin works perfectly.

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    I was able to create the new resources.py file and I also edited my metadata.txt file (according to Gary Johnson who replied to your thread). And now my plugin is available. Thank you very much! Jan 11, 2019 at 13:54
  • It was the own founder of QGIS, Gary Sherman, not Gary Johnson.
    – xunilk
    Jan 11, 2019 at 14:00

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