I'm trying to make a buffer around a line, which I subsequently have to split in non overlapping zones (having the same length along the line).

The sketches below shows an example of what I have in mind, but I was wondering if any algorithm already exists that does this. In fact every part of the buffer is assigned to the closest piece linepiece here.


If a solution only exists for the case on the left I'd also be happy (no strong corners exist in my lines anyway).

I'm mostly interested in a solution in Python (open source), but if you know another module doing this (preferably open source), please mention as well, perhaps I can convert the algorithm myself.

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  • I can't think of an algorithm that does this automatically; at the very least, I think you'd need to split the line segments equally before buffering. Are you open to raster-based solutions as well? (Most of what I'd suggest are Esri tools, but open-source alternatives to them should be available.) – Erica Jan 11 at 14:18

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