As per the suggestions given by Michael to one of my earlier query (URL given below), I have tried to develop a sample code to perform rasterize using GDAL Java API methods. I had written based on the Python sample from cookbook.


I am performing rasterize on a shapefile and the above code generates output but image in blank.

publicpublic void rasterizeShp() {

    //# Define pixel_size and NoData value of new raster
    int pixel_size = 25;
    int NoData_value = 255;

    int bufferDistance = 20;

    String shpFilePath = "C:/img/GLXMABufferRadius.shp";

    //# Open the data source and read in the extent
    DataSource sourceDs = org.gdal.ogr.ogr.Open(shpFilePath,gdalconstConstants.GA_ReadOnly);
    Layer sourceLayer = sourceDs.GetLayer(0);

    SpatialReference sourceSrs = sourceLayer.GetSpatialRef();
    double[] extent = sourceLayer.GetExtent();

    //# Create the destination data source
    double x_res = ((extent[1] - extent[0]) / pixel_size);
    double y_res = ((extent[3] - extent[2]) / pixel_size);
    System.out.println("x_res -------" + x_res +  "y " + y_res );
    int xCor = (int)x_res;
    int yCor = (int)y_res;

    System.out.println("xCor -------" + xCor);
    System.out.println("yCor -------" + yCor);

    String output = "C:/img/myAttrOp2.tif";
    org.gdal.gdal.Dataset target_ds = gdal.GetDriverByName("GTiff").Create(output, xCor, yCor, 1, gdalconst.GDT_Byte);
    target_ds.SetGeoTransform(new double[]{extent[0], pixel_size, 0, extent[2], 0, -pixel_size});
    Band band = target_ds.GetRasterBand(1);

    int[] intArr = {1};

    //# Rasterize
    gdal.RasterizeLayer(target_ds, intArr, sourceLayer, null);


Is this the right approach for rasterizing. Also I would like to know the correct way of setting geotransform. I sometimes get "ERROR 1: Attempt to create 2x0 dataset is illegal, sizes must be larger than zero".

Please let me know if there are corrections to be made in the below code.

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