I'm using QGIS 3.4.3 and I have created some actions for vector layers. I did it interactively and this part is working.

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Now I wanted to know if there is a mechanism how I could create my actions directly in Python. I don't want to create these actions interactively in QGIS no more.

I figured out I can handle it with QgsAction. It works for me.

    def my_test(self):
    aLayer = self.iface.activeLayer()

    file1 = self.plugin_dir + "/action1.txt"  
    fw = open(file1, 'r')
    txt = fw.read()

    action = QgsAction (QgsAction.GenericPython, 'test', txt)
    my_scopes = {'Field'}

    actionManager = aLayer.actions()
    for a in actionManager.actions():
     if a.name() == action.name():
    if i == 0:        

Now I need to know how I can set flag: "Enable only when editable". The option is disabled per default. I tried to use QgsAction with parameter enabledOnlyWhenEditable=True but it doesn't work. TypeError: 'enabledOnlyWhenEditable' is an unknown keyword argument

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Use the following code to add an action.

layer = iface.activeLayer()
acManager = layer.actions()

acActor = QgsAction(1 , "Fuu", "print 'Baa'", False) 
acManager.addAction(acActor )

The QgsAction takes the Argument:

  • 1: This is the Action type as described in the QGIS reference to QgsAction
  • "Fuu": How your action will be called. It can be any String
  • "print 'Baa'": The Function body with """ you can use multiline statements
  • False: capture. If this is set to true, the output will be captured when an action is run

Tested with QGIS 2.18. DISCLAIMER: Posted before the update of the question

  • Thank you for your help. The code works also for QGIS 3.4.3. Do you know how I can set flag enabledOnlyWhenEditable to True? It looks for me like enabledOnlyWhenEditable can not be set in constructor.
    – user117572
    Commented Jan 14, 2019 at 14:54
  • You can use the isEditable method of the vector layer e.g: iface.activeLayer().isEditable()
    – Zoltan
    Commented Jan 14, 2019 at 20:16

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