I have multiple attribute tables (for each state of a country) with data for population and area, and want to map population density. The standard way to map density (example below) automatically creates ranges that fits that data, but is there a way to create "set" ranges so that each state/attribute table is color coded according to that one range?

From https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWlsHwXvYOg

I know I can manually type in the ranges myself, but for some attribute tables I have 5-6 ranges while for other states I have (for example) 2-3 population data to begin with, which means I can only create 2 ranges, whereas my goal is to have the 2 populations fit into those 5-6 ranges of the other states. It also seems impossible to change the minimum value that the first range starts with. This is the issue I'm facing with the different ranges that I'd like to standardize:

enter image description here

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